About The Founder


                                                                                         Sharon Litvack

As an Educator, Behavioral Coach and Mentor, Sharon Litvack has been successfully providing tangible and results-driven solutions for school-age children across the country.   LBW was born out of  her commitment to improve the opportunities accessible to the special needs community.  Her own children, who live with Autism Spectrum Disorders everyday, are her greatest teachers.


  • BOSTON COLLEGE:  Bachelor's Degree in General Education
  • BOSTON COLLEGE:  Bachelor's Degree in Special Education                                                                                                             Specialties in Literature/English 
    • HARVARD UNIVERSITY:  Masters Degree with focus on Behavioral Studies
    • UCLA:  Certified PEERS Practitioner
    • LAUSD Clear Credentials in General and Special Education 

               Extensive Professional Teaching Experience in U.S. and Europe  

               Academic Advisor on Advisory Board of “Offbeatprodigies” 

               Mentorship Experience 

               Managerial Experience 


               Extensive background in the industry of Fitness and Health

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