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Literal Brainworks is offering the UCLA based PEERS Program 
(Social Navigation) in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California!
New Sessions Starting year round! 
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 Literal Brainworks works with families to resolve disputes related to parental decisions in high conflict parenting scenarios.  Literal Brainworks directly targets the needs of those challenged by organization/planning, problem solving, social etiquette/navigation and other life skills as they prepare for more independent living.  Providing tools designed to specifically address each challenge, we offer solutions.  Literal Brainworks is committed not only to serving the exceptionally minded community, but to all who need support managing life in the real world.

Literal Brainworks products and services include

1.  Teen program for social navigation. UCLA Based Lifeline Teen Program


2.   Parental coordination/consulting:  Educational and behavioral expertise in resolving parental disputes present in a high conflict                 situation.  

3.   Literal Brainworks Parental Advocacy:  Unparalleled commitment to customized service developing direction and strategies for                 resolving challenges.                

4.   EMA (Exceptionally Minded Adults):  Assistive technology for supporting optimally successful independent living.

Disconnects Bridged.  Balance Restored.
Our Goal is your child's success.
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