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       Literal Brainworks®   


   A parental advocacy and family coaching group.    

Literal Brainworks is a unique organization whose primary missions are parental coordinating/consulting and assessing designing and implementing customized solutions for those challenged with school, social or job related issues.  

Our chief areas of specialty are:

  • Parenting coordination and parenting consultation
  • Social Communication and Behavioral difficulties
  • Parent/Teacher communication concerns
  • Academic underachievement 
  • Co-parenting challenges
  • Support Services (504, IEP, RSP) Needs
  • Homework Management

Are you engaged in a high-conflict parental dispute? Alternative dispute resolution to coordinate effective parenting is our specialty.  

Is your son or daughter having difficulties with social or academic challenges such as underachieving, being bullied, teased, left out or misunderstood?  Are they stumbling through peer interactions or struggling with social skills challenges? Improperly managing, or ignoring, these struggles may lead to anxiety, depression, low self esteem, poor confidence, inability to manage independently
 or other negative lifelong effects.  Literal Brainworks' comprehensive one-on-one coaching and advocacy provides time proven strategies and techniques for problem resolutions.  Our proactive, collaborative approach is child-centered and results driven.

Initial Consultation:  $350
Hourly Rate:  $150
*Document Generation Fee: $50

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